For a hundred years, people have only survived on the blessings of the Gods.

The Black Autumn began a hundred years ago, and since, no mortal has been able to live off anything that grows from the ground. Tales have been told of the days where bread would fill your stomach without rotting your mind, but this is a legend slowly being written off as mere fantasy.

People live mainly off the gifts of the Gods. Particularly Pelor, the God of Summer and Farming, and Corellon, the God of Spring and Art. In other lands, mortals make dark trades with Torog, the God of Greed and Sacrifice. But in recent years, these gifts are not always enough, and in the winter seasons, many go hungry and starve. Unblighted ground is talked of widely, but it is coveted, and too small for the size of the starving world.

What are the secrets of the Autumn? Can it be ended? And will anyone live long enough to know?

The Black Autumn

Adeo EidenRane